Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kino Varšava Vision 2014

We are group of 5 young people from Liberec, Czech Republic:

Zuzana Koňasová, Slávek Trubač, Petr Hubáček, Ondřej Pleštil and Jiří Žid. This group of young enthusiastic people of different professions like musicians, film lovers, architects and local patriots was founded in 2012 for a purpose of rescuing the oldest cinema in Liberec bulit in the year of 1922.

This beautiful building itself did not serve the local people since 2009 when it was closed because the small cinema could not compete with newly constructed multiplexies. But those are empty nowdays anyway!

That showed clearly that the success of the cinema doesn´t consist in size of the cinema but more likely in well prepared dramaturgy of it. We are aware that to run a cinema could not bring money for us, rather a big portion of satisfaction which consist in constant raising of the cultural level of our city.
spolek „Zachraňme kino Varšava“ (association „Let´s save Warsaw cinema“)

Sládkova 6
460 01, Liberec
Czech Republic
+420 776 790 731

Download Cinema Varšava vision 2014.pdf